# Portraits: Christian Rohlfs (1919) by Heinrich Nauen 

@ OsthausMuseum Hagen

Interesting that Hagen had so well known artists at that time: e.g. CHRISTIAN ROHLFS who was seen by EMIL SCHUMACHER through the window sitting at his easel giving him the idea of this profession (a guide in the museum told me so yesterday) and others (like e.g. MILLY STEGER) attracted by the art collector and founder of the former Folkwang Museum – situated in Hagen before it went to Essen  – , Karl Ernst Osthaus. In the same year when the painting above was realised my father was born near the museum quarter. I wonder if he saw these people when he was a boy… I cannot ask him anymore. Some things can never be done if delayed…

So there are more than one reasons this beautiful museum (in reality 2 related to each other: Osthaus- and Schumacher Museum) touched me deeply yesterday.

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